Interlude 2

This is the second of the Patreon interludes. Thanks to everyone for their support!

Selected from A History of the Rokhshan through their Songs by Dr. Andrea Redham

In the beginning, there was the sky. From the sky came the People and the Neogah, the messengers of the Beyond World.

While the Neogah were unchanging and eternal, the People were cursed to be forever hungry. By watching the Neogah, they gained knowledge of gliding, and opened many leagues of sky to themselves. Soon they had traveled so far they forgot the place from which they set out, and founded kingdoms to live in.
For one myriad and one years, the kingdoms of the air fought among themselves, spilling blood on each shrine of each isle. The Neogah wept to see the People behaving like the men of the earth, savage animals who ate rocks and mud and one another. The People had forgotten the age of their birth, and with it forgot their destiny.
This time ended in the year when Great Rokhshan came. Great Rokhshan was a mighty hero, whose exploits are too numerous to sing of. Who has not heard of his vanquishing the Sisters of the Cyclone, or his commanding the Star River to cease its flow so his people might cross? I will not say so here.
Instead I will say how Great Rokhshan heard whispers from his Benefactor, who was a voice from the Beyond World. The Benefactor told Great Rokhshan which islands to leap between, and which mountain summits to rest upon when he must travel below them. In this way the hero traveled and traveled until he found the Heartsphere floating between sky and earth.
Paying heed to the voice of his Benefactor, the hero built the castle all kingdoms know today as Nashido. And the castle wandered the sky as its builder had done, joining all the kingdoms together, and in time Great Rokhshan’s sons brought even the men of the Surface aloft to Nashido, and taught them to be civilized. Thus it was all set down long ago by the great sages.

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