Interlude 3

Here’s the third of the Patreon interludes. Thanks to everyone for their support!

A verified excerpt from the diary of Karla Harpooneer, dated Winter, Year Five (equivalent to 478 AU). Karla would have been ten or eleven years old.

Hi diary! This is my first entry. Kio found some blank books at the bottom of a stack, and decided it would be really good for both of us if we started writing thoughts for only ourselves to read. I asked him what it would do to write the thoughts when I’m already thinking the thoughts, and he launched into this long explanation about the separate worlds created by language, and finally I agreed to try it just so he’d stop.

I peeked over his shoulder at one of his entries before he slammed it shut. It had a lot of big words, which I could understand, but didn’t see the point of. I’m gonna try and write how I talk.

I gotta admit, it does actually feel good. Being able to write and think at the same time is kinda like having an extra brain. So in a way it’s basically a machine. Take that, Kio! Diaries are in the Karla Zone now.

Plus, I like having thoughts Kio can’t read. It reminds me we’re different people. Which is easy to forget sometimes. I bet he feels the same way.

Right, so, don’t want my entire diary to be about writing in a diary…so what’s next? Well, today we did all our usual chores. It’s been a pretty good season for meat so far, since along with a ton of gull jerky, we also managed to snag this really big weird bird neither of us have found the name for yet. Kio’s in the kitchen right now trying to figure out what to do with it.

I saw a really cool island yesterday! It was sorta half in and half out of the water, but the water was in the center, like an island in reverse. Does that make any sense? Kio says it’s called an atoll, and the water in the center is called a lagoon. I’d love to swim in it one day. It was so blue it must be like flying through the sky to swim in a lagoon.

Oh, speaking of which, I’ve been working on a device that will let me sight the surface better. It’s called a telescope. I’m following a design from a book. It’s not gonna be very good, because I only have a little glass and no way to grind it right, but I’m gonna mount the lenses I make on a stick and do my best. Besides, the book says people from the Sky Kingdoms used telescopes to look at planets and nebulas and stuff up close. I only need mine to work for a few thousand feet so I can look at trees.

Trees, trees, trees…my mom said something in her letter about trees. I can’t see jellyfish but I can see trees. Near the big island there’s pine, and spruce, and some big tall hemlock, but there’s none on the island itself.



Hemlock, and when we drift further south there’s acacia, and kapok, and eucalyptus…




…I’m not going to die up here.


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