I’ll be honest. Writing is a rough way to make a living. Not the writing itself–I’m not one of those Joyce types who think every word should be an agony, bled directly onto the page from my veins or whatever. I absolutely love sitting at my keyboard or pacing around my room making stuff up, and I love knowing people are reading what I’ve come up with.

But it never pays very well. Even less so if you aren’t traditionally published (which I am trying to do with other books). Also, this is my only job at the moment, so, going forward, I am relying on donations to keep the lights on. Supporting The Clockwork Raven is a win-win–I get to eat, and you get early access to chapters, bonus content, chances for live Q&As, and even more prizes based on fundraising goals. I really, really, truly appreciate the help, and I thank every donor personally.

Patreon is my main funding platform, but you can also make a direct donation through PayPal. I hope you like the story enough to help me out!

See you in the skies,

Sam C.